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2/3 Hour Teaching Session

Massage in Labour

Treatments and Teaching Sessions - Helping towards natural childbirth

Expecting a baby ?Then you may want to know about the New Arrival Massage Programme which is a specific evidence based coping strategy that professionals can use to support women and their chosen birthing partners during labour, potentially reducing their needs for drugs.

The programme combines massage, controlled breathing and visualisation and encourages the partner to have an active role. It is reliant on a quiet and relaxing environment encouraging upright positions and free movement.

Ideally, Women and their chosen birth partners are taught the basic massage techniques to practise during the last month of pregnancy and continue during labour, but these techniques can also provide welcome support when introduced during labour, by encouraging confidence and control in childbirth, couples can be supported to birth naturally.

The New Arrival Programme has been designed to mirror maternal adaptations during late pregnancy and labour. In this way the programme complements maternal-fetal changes during this critical period of the reproductive cycle.

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